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The article deals with lingua-semiotic representation of the power ritual as one of the symbolic forms of behavior that over time ceases to be spontaneous and becomes regular and repeated. And persuade yourselves that for the safety and quietness of you all I will not spare if need be to spend my blood. » and Reply to the Recognition Question: «Yea, Yea! It featured the figure of Truth, who was carrying a Bible written in English and entitled the Word of Truth.

Under discussion is the rite of coronation, which was becoming more complicated and acquired a final form throughout the history of Anglo-Saxon statehood. Truth presented the Bible to the Queen, who kissed it and laid it on her breast to the cheers of the crowd» (IV)).

Artifacts, as symbols of state power, and oaths, as discursive element of the coronation, are stated as the central elements of the ritual.

The two of them led in the banquet which was truly sumptuous with a great number of delicacies» (III). No will in me can lack, neither do I trust shall there lack any power. The pageant made clear the implication that the granddaughter of those who ended the War of Roses would herself reunify England and bring peace to it» (II)).

Following them, blowing horns, came a number of men dressed as foresters or gamekeepers in green cloth, with caps and hose to match» (III).

On their headpieces each wore a plume of gold damask.

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Mc Call is also asked by a teenage boy for help against a local gang of bullies.9 October 1985The Griffith family arrives in NYC on vacation from Duluth and things go wrong right from the start...their luggage is stolen by a gypsy cabbie and the hotel has lost their reservations.Bored and frustrated, Edie, the Griffiths 17 year old daughter wanders out of the hotel at night to do some exploring.The process of defining parameters and characteristics of the power ritual is performed by chrono-, topo-, sound and language components of the ritual; it is established that in ritual communication the verbalization of the event is gradually becoming more complicated, clarifying its linguistic component, which largely ensures the success of the ritual; the non-verbal signs acquire additional meaning becoming dominant over simplified verbal signs. The procession was basically a popularity contest and it was a resounding public relations success for the new queen» (IV)).

It is proved that within the ritual space of the Anglo-Saxon statehood an extensive and rigidly fixed system of signs and symbols has been formed, nominating the process of interaction between the sovereign and his subjects three groups of signs characterizing the Anglo-Saxon power ritual communication: regulating, processing and classifying signs. Authority widely applies these signs as tools to influence the society through social stereotypes and ethnic psychological associations.

18 September 1985Disillusioned by his years as a spy, Robert Mc Call resigns from his job, determined to help people in need.

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