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A lump of molten glass was rolled, blown, expanded, flattened and finally spun into a disc before being cut into panes.

The sheets were thicker towards the edge of the disc and were usually installed with the heavier side at the bottom.

The viscosity of water at room temperature is about 0.01 poises.

He has scored dozens of feature films, television series and commercials, most notably including: Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, The Devil Came on Horseback, The Trials of Darryl Hunt, Freakonomics, Full Battle Rattle, Page One: Inside the NY Times, Better This World, and No Woman, No Cry, among many others.

Other techniques of forming glass panes have been used but it is only the relatively recent float glass processes which have produced good quality flat sheets of glass. " we have to understand its thermodynamic and material properties.

There is still much about the molecular physics and thermodynamics of glass that is not well understood, but we can give a general account of what is thought to be the case.

Many solids have a crystalline structure on microscopic scales. As the solid is heated the molecules vibrate about their position in the lattice until, at the melting point, the crystal breaks down and the molecules start to flow.

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